10 tips for a child-friendly wedding

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Weddings can be one of the most stressful things you can organise, especially when you’re trying to accommodate a variety of guests and their requirements. Whether you choose to have kids at your wedding is only a choice that you can make, but if you do decide to include the little ones, you might need to make a few tweaks to your plans. Read our tips below to help you plan a beautiful, child-friendly wedding that will ensure a fantastic time for you and every one of your guests.


1. Have a morning ceremony and serve lunch as the main meal – kids will be less tired and cranky later in the day.

2. Set out activities for the table (think crayons and cards or messages to colour in for the bride and groom, a disposable camera, a bottle of bubbles etc.).

3. Consider hiring a children’s entertainer if you’ve got lots of children attending.

4. Set up some games outside like bowling (we love this adorable set) or hang up a piñata.

5. Let the DJ know it’s a child-friendly wedding – it could impact the playlist considerably.

6. Include them in the ceremony – have a kids’ parade with balloons, musical instruments and pinwheels ahead of the bridal party entrance.

7. If you decide to have a kids’ table, keep in mind the table decorations – it’s best to avoid candles, candelabras and anything that could be a hazard.

8. Give children simple jobs to do, like or handing out packets of confetti or asking guests to write in the guest book.

9. Ask your venue for advice or suggestions – they might have ideas from previous weddings or offer a service you weren’t aware of.

10. Don’t feel pressured; you don’t have to provide anything special – kids are pretty resourceful and most parents don’t expect much more than general tolerance!

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